Where can you find Levi’s® Vintage & Collectibles?

I was going to title this blog What’s in your Closet since that’s usually a good place to start looking.  I found a number of old Levi’s® products in our home.  I’m not really a Pack Rat but have wonderful memories associated with my old Levi’s® garments and just couldn’t bring myself to give them away.

Where can you find old Levi’s® garments?

I worked for LS&CO in the 1980’s and had access to many products that have since become collectables.  It may be more difficult for you to find theses treasures, but they’re out there if you know where to look.

Do your research and know what you are buying. There are many “fakes” in the marketplace many of which are imported from outside the United States.  Are you aware that in 1996 Levi’s Strauss & Co. introduced a limited collection of replica products from the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s called, Levi’® Vintage Collection (LVC)?  These products are “Vintage” in terms of some product identification and construction features but they may not be the “vintage” products that you want to add to your collection. If you have any concerns or questions contact the experts at LS& CO. Take photographs of the front, back and any labels of your garment and e-mail them to Historian Lynn Downey,LDowney@levi.com.

Where to look? When searching by your computer use keywords that will give you the best results. Levi’s® should be included in the title of your search but include other terms such as: rare, vintage, retro, old, collectable, collectible, authentic, redline jeans, 501 XX,  Big E, Deadstock, or a specific year.

Below is a list (with examples of links when appropriate) of places I look for old Levi’s® products. I am not endorsing any of these sites.  This is simply to give you an idea of what you can find.  Note: If the items are sold on the links included for Ebay & Craigslist they will no longer show on those websites.

Please let us know of others you like and we can add them to our list!

Let’s try an experiment. Send a message to your Facebook and Twitter friends and ask them to look around their homes for old Levi’s® products that they want to part with.  You can specify a date range (e.g. prior to 1970) or modified or “enhanced” products such as the hand painted jean jacket shown above.  Don’t limit your request to jeans as other products and fabrics are also quite valuable. Send me a pictures and descriptions of the items you find and we can try and determine if they are authentic.

Want to see what’s in my closet? Coming soon.


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