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“Lady Levi’s®” – the history of Levi’s® jeans for women

Did you know that the first pair of Levi’s® jeans created especially for women was sold in 1934?  The line was named “Lady Levi’s®”, style number  “701” to distinguish them from the popular men’s 501® jean. The 701 was was targeted to women working on ranches. While researching the history of  “Lady Levi’s®”, I discovered a presentation published by LS&CO. celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the first Levi’s® women’s jean. The report is so comprehensive there’s little I can add; therefore, I will be sharing excerpts of the press release, print advertisements, and a video by Levi’s® historian, Lynn Downey discussing the history of “Lady Levi’s®”.  Enjoy! Continue reading ‘“Lady Levi’s®” – the history of Levi’s® jeans for women’


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